…I want a Duvet day. I have a sore throat again, feel like crap. 🙁 I think I need to just have a lazy day, not something I have done in quite a while, what with all the socialising, running about and working!

AngelKnits was not good last night either, we had to move venue, and it was all very last minute. I stood about at Starbucks from 18:20 until 18:50, before Sian came down to collect us (There were 3 of us that hadn’t read our e-mail to find out the new venue)

So, didn’t really get any serious knitting done. I cast Clapotis onto 6mm, but the yarn doesn’t look happy, and I kept cocking it up, and making weird loops where there shouldn’t be any, so I will probably slap it back on 5mm at some point. Right now though, I’m going to concentrate on the other 4 WIPS I have.

I got the WAP (Wireless Access Point for the non-geeks!) set up at home, but not having any wireless equipment myself, I can’t test it! LOL! Hopefully it will work fine for the flat-mate though. 🙂

One thing I have been meaning to tell you about:

These are lovely. I worry lots about all the plastic supermarket bags that I use, and when I walked past Daniel selling these in Greenwich Market, I had to have 2. I’ve attached them to the bottom of my backpack, and so far, I’ve saved 9 plastic bags from being floated into the enviroment! I reckon I can avoid using around 200 plastic bags a year now, and that makes me a very happy lady.

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