Buy my stuff!

OK, I’m starting to put some bits-and-bobs on ebay. Or at least I will have done when the auctions go live at 4pm (ish) tommorow!

So far, it is things that I bought on ebay but didn’t fit or don’t like, and a corset I have grown out of 🙁

I have to put my car (spares or repair) and JVC car stereo on it tommorow afternoon! Also, I suspect I might dump most of the Opal and Regia Sock yarns that I bought on there, as I’m really not enjoying the sock-knitting that much that I really want to do it again, and maybe another corset that fits, but I’m not 100% happy wearing… see how I feel after some sleep!

NB: Today is a 5p listing day if you didn’t know! WhooHoo!

PS: Near knitting disaster post in the morning!

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