Buy my stuff!

OK, I’m starting to put some bits-and-bobs on ebay. Or at least I will have done when the auctions go live at 4pm (ish) tommorow!

So far, it is things that I bought on ebay but didn’t fit or don’t like, and a corset I have grown out of 🙁

I have to put my car (spares or repair) and JVC car stereo on it tommorow afternoon! Also, I suspect I might dump most of the Opal and Regia Sock yarns that I bought on there, as I’m really not enjoying the sock-knitting that much that I really want to do it again, and maybe another corset that fits, but I’m not 100% happy wearing… see how I feel after some sleep!

NB: Today is a 5p listing day if you didn’t know! WhooHoo!

PS: Near knitting disaster post in the morning!

Sometimes I wish I was ‘A lady of Leisure…’

So much to do, so little time… and work sure cuts onto your day, doesn’t it!

Not much to say. I had a fantastic weekend, ST was so on form, very full, and we had fun-fun-fun all night.

The Turkish GP was a breath of Fresh air as well, Herman Tilke finally providing a “new-style” track that has verve, bite and a wonderful corner, “Turn 8”, a 4-apex left-hander, comperable in excitment to 130r, Eau Rouge, Becketts and all the other “most memorable” corners in Formula one tracks.

and I even managed a little sock-knitting whilst the preamble was happening!

Talking of Knitting, I had another revelation on Saturday. I was watching the qualifying, and I managed to click into “knitting without looking”! Not sure I could do it for small yarns, but for the FMB, on 9mm with nice big wool? It was so easy! 🙂

I had my duvet day…

… did sweet FA pretty much, and feel one heck of a lot better for it! 🙂 I think I have managed to scare away the sore throat, so that is all good.

Had my date on Thursday. It went well, but no “spark” there when I hugged him goodbye, so, hey, I’ve made another friend, but I think that is about that really.

Out and about again tonight, U35 Munch, and then ST. Should get home about 4am, and then of course, it is the Turkish Grand Prix is tommorow, so I’m glued to the telly from midday Sunday.

Haven’t got much knitting done, I will have to update the WIP percentages though.

I’m up to Row 17 on the sock, the second section on my mystery pressie, and 86/200 stitches on the needles for the base of the FMB. No work at all on Lauren, and Clapotis is going to have to wait!

PixelDiva, bless her, has offered to cast it on for me, and deal with the initial section, so I will take her up on that Tuesday!

Oh, and I finally started a Links page.


…I want a Duvet day. I have a sore throat again, feel like crap. 🙁 I think I need to just have a lazy day, not something I have done in quite a while, what with all the socialising, running about and working!

AngelKnits was not good last night either, we had to move venue, and it was all very last minute. I stood about at Starbucks from 18:20 until 18:50, before Sian came down to collect us (There were 3 of us that hadn’t read our e-mail to find out the new venue)

So, didn’t really get any serious knitting done. I cast Clapotis onto 6mm, but the yarn doesn’t look happy, and I kept cocking it up, and making weird loops where there shouldn’t be any, so I will probably slap it back on 5mm at some point. Right now though, I’m going to concentrate on the other 4 WIPS I have.

I got the WAP (Wireless Access Point for the non-geeks!) set up at home, but not having any wireless equipment myself, I can’t test it! LOL! Hopefully it will work fine for the flat-mate though. 🙂

One thing I have been meaning to tell you about:

These are lovely. I worry lots about all the plastic supermarket bags that I use, and when I walked past Daniel selling these in Greenwich Market, I had to have 2. I’ve attached them to the bottom of my backpack, and so far, I’ve saved 9 plastic bags from being floated into the enviroment! I reckon I can avoid using around 200 plastic bags a year now, and that makes me a very happy lady.

I think by now you can all guess…

… that I’m too busy living life at the weekend’s to ‘blog it! 😉

How did the sewing go, I hear you cry? Well, it went well, but took far too long! I hate these last minute sewing projects that I seem to get myself into! It took about 7 hours all told, from pattern lifting to last stitch. The pattern I took, even after adding a generous seam allowance to it after drawing it out, was a snug fit, but hey, they looked fantastic like that, very stroke-able. 🙂

I was so terrified I had cocked it all up, but he put them on, and it looked fabby. So, happy Nikki!

The party went well also, we did get there late because of manic sewing efforts though. But it was a very fun time, and worth the effort I feel.

Needless to say, I didn’t get any knitting done over the weekend, too busy sewing and drinking Wine. 😉 I did fix the Initial website page last night though, so it looks how I want it to now. It also means that the whole site is using CSS-P.

I have a date tonight, (Although, I’m not sure I actually want to go on it!) so no more knitting or other crafty things… Unless of course I leave early! I have a new WAP to configure for home as well… I suspect that will have to wait until Thursday, as it is busy busy untill then.

Clapotis? I moved the swatch up to 5mm, and it seemed to knit a lot batter, so I frogged the swatch (no use wasting the yarn!) and cast on using 5mm needles. I’m up to row 10 on it, but I’ve spotted a mistake about 3 rows back, I’ve dropped a stitch on the edge. It won’t be hugely noticeable, but I’ll know it is there.

What I will probably do is frog it again and take it up to 6mm. That should make it really “floppy” which is what you want from a shawl! Cast on tommorow at Angel Knits. 🙂