Why I must learn that sleep is not optional…

… or “Obessions are as obsessions do”

I have a stinking headache this morning, I am trying to fit too much living into my life, and Sleep is always what suffered when I do that.

My obsession with making Code that looks good on my (various!) website late into the night is very bad for me. Combine that with my latest knitting craze, and wanting to have a social life, and you can tell it is a recipe for me getting a throat infection!

Still, it’s not here yet, and I have to go home early tonight, as we have a prospective new flatmate looking the place over. So, hopefully, I can get a nice 12hr sleep night. Knowing me though, it won’t happen 😉

I also need to leave here by 5pm, so I can get to the Post Office before it shuts and pick up my various e-Bay purchases! More yarn! What am I like? 😉

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