Unbiased – My First “Proper” Project

This pattern is where I discovered the “joys” of using recycled Sari-Silk yarn. I fell in love with the look of the yarn, and the pattern was very easy…

I bought various Skeins with very variable quality. I got sold Skeins of the silky-tight stuff that is a joy to knit, the flat-fluffy stuff that is OK but doesn’t shine like the first style, as it looks more like cotton than silk. And, the dreaded “short-fibre” stuff that shreds and snaps when you so much as breathe on it!

Depending on what you get, it can be wonderful to knit with, or a complete pain in the back side! I even had a skein that had a mix of all three styles in it! That was annoying as I knitted!

You can see the variations in colours, I swear, every time I use this bag, I see a new colour.

This was knitted in garter stich on 5mm straights. It is knitted on the diagonal, to give it interest, and knitted that densely, it makes a very hardwearing fabric, that drapes really well, and is very pliable. I added an extra panel at the mouth, as the vee of my bag was very deep, and made the bag quite unusable!

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