Testing testing 123

Just a little tester for a new style website… Welcome to my ‘blog

This is going to be an infrequently updated thing I would imagine, but I feel the need to share some life with people.

I warn you now, I’m not quite sweet or innocent, and have some very diverse stuff going on! Why hide who I am? Not my style!

However, my main reason for doing this, is to share some pictures of my knitting as I go along!

So, to start this off, here are the first three things I knitted.

3 little testers

The Top article is a little hat, playing with using DPNs.

To the left is a tester for knitting an http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/PATTunbiased.html

I knitted both in an Acrylic I bought for trying things out with.

The little scarf on the right is the very first thing I made after taking up the needles again: 1×1 rib!

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