Other knitting projects I have made along the way.

Taking the step back in time again, I thought I would share some pictures to my past projects interspersed in the curent ‘bogging. I will be putting them in the WIP page as well, seems silly to not do eh?

The project I think I have been working on the longest is my SariSilk rib scarf:
Ribbed Scarf, Recycled Saro Silk yarn

I started it just after I finished UnBiased in November 2004, because I naturally wanted a matching scarf. So, I started out doing the same “Diagonal knit” on 5mm that the main panel of Unbiased is.

After about 4 hours work, I had a paltry 40cm and had used 2 whole skeins of SariSilk! It weighed a tonne as it was, and I reckoned that it would take another 5 skeins or so to get any decent length, and as this stuff is about 10.00GBP a skein on average, there were really too many disadvantages to carry on with it as it was. With a heavy heart, to the Frog-Pond it went. 🙁

I still wanted a scarf though, so I investigated the ‘net, and found a “Fisherman’s Rib” Sari-Silk scarf pattern, on 10mm needles.

After discovering that I had no clue how to actually knit the pattern (and I still don’t understand it now!), I settled on a plain 2x2rib, using one 10mm and one 7mm needle. That gives it a nice bumpy, loose weave texture, and after about a skein and a half, it is about 80cm. Much more acceptible!

However, it is rather heavy still, so I am going to put another 1/2 skein on it, and stitch the ends together, to make it a Neck shrug.

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