My Bag… and isn’t this ‘blogging just a touch addictive?

Just a quick note to stay “Hi” and “Great to see you!” to all the girls at the NWk2tog! Thank you so much to Lixie for my Filmo knit badge! is her ‘blog.

I promise to upload a pic soon, but it is far too late!

I also wanted to say that I sucessfully grafted the handle of my KYO handbag on the Tube, it looks lovely now, it isn’t twisted, and I also weaved in all my ends on that half of the bag.

I’ve actually knitted 2 too may rows on the other handle, so I am going to rip back 4, so I can knit 2 onto smaller needles, that really helps the graft look so much better! Thank you Jane for that thought.

I also wanted to say thank you to MissP for providing wine, nibbles and new sandals! Looking forward to trying them out at KF, but for now though, Bed. 🙂

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