Lauren – needs a DND sign!

Don’t get me wrong, once this is finished, she is going to be stunning… but like any lady, Lauren needs your undivided attention!

You knit her in sets of 3 rows, and as each row is over 100 stitches, it take about 40-50 minutes for me to do a set. It is a rather convaluted process:

“C096”, then “p2,*yo p4tog* P2”, then “K2, *k1 (k1,p1,k1)into the yo* (to put the stitches back that you just toge’d) k2”, followed by “CO4, then k to end” to set it all in place.

Repeat that until you have 128, then BO 4 instead of CO 4 until you are back to 96st and BO.

So, you see this is going to take me quite a while! I also really need to concentrate on it not to go wrong, if you fluff it, it is a right pain! I took it to NWk2tog last night, they all loved it, but I warned the group that I doubt I’ll be knitting it with them! I probably will at some point though, NWk2tog is my “dedicated kniting time”, and I can’t see me carving 40 minutes out of life anywhere else for this lady!

This shade of Linen Print is sadly now discontinued, but I have no clue why, it is amazing! The picture of this WIP doesn’t do the yarn justice really.

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