‘A Handbag???’

This is my “small diversionary WIP” to take my mind off of Lauren and 2×2. Although, this bag seems to be doing that far too well! As you can see from my WIP bars, I am nearly done on this one.
M&S Knit-your-own Handbag

It is a really easy “Knit kit” from Marks and Spencer of all places, I picked it up on e-Bay for a fiver. You get a lovely pair of bamboo 12mm, a charming little knitter’s needle, also in bamboo, with 2 balls of “yarn” (fibre content not listed, which is very annoying!) and a little “made with love” label. Along with the pattern, there is also a little “How to knit” leaflet.

I’ve altered things slightly, they say to knit the handles seperate, and then slip stitch them on, but instead I’ve picked up and k to the top, an used a kitchener graft to attach it at the other end. That was fun, I did it 4 times before I got it right!

Still, I will know how for the other handle better, and then all I have to do is line it and sew it together!

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