Don’t you just hate it when…

… you have an ’emergency’ that gets in the way of your real work?

One of the Servers at work decided it would be a good idea to destroy people’s profiles.

We did a restore back but a few were corrupt on the restore. It takes about 30 mintes per profile to rebuild, if you don’t get interupted by constant phone calls… Which I have been all morning.

I’m not a happy bunny, I’ve got too much other work scheduled to have that much of my day taken away by problems that shouldn’t happen {rant rant}.

I’m up too late again!

I know, I should have been in bed an hour ago!

I’ve been mussing about with 2 things.

  1. Handbag is 98% there, I just weave in my ends, block it up, and make the pull cord to go through the eyelets.
  2. I spent the last hour fruitlessly fidding with the WIP page, so that I can have the pic with the % bar under it, and a description field next to it. If I were using table layout, I could have had it done no hassles, but CSS-P doesn’t work like that, and it is doing my nut it!

*sigh* Oh well, I am sure it will look better tommorow! Busy busy weekend ahead, London Munch tommorow night, and Kinkfest 2 all day Saturday/Sunday early Morning. Up at 10:30, Sleep at 06:30 the next day! I swear, I will sleep the whole of Sunday away, with ease I suspect!

So, I will possibly make some more entries from work tommorow, but if not, I’ll “see” you all Monday!

‘A Handbag???’

This is my “small diversionary WIP” to take my mind off of Lauren and 2×2. Although, this bag seems to be doing that far too well! As you can see from my WIP bars, I am nearly done on this one.
M&S Knit-your-own Handbag

It is a really easy “Knit kit” from Marks and Spencer of all places, I picked it up on e-Bay for a fiver. You get a lovely pair of bamboo 12mm, a charming little knitter’s needle, also in bamboo, with 2 balls of “yarn” (fibre content not listed, which is very annoying!) and a little “made with love” label. Along with the pattern, there is also a little “How to knit” leaflet.

I’ve altered things slightly, they say to knit the handles seperate, and then slip stitch them on, but instead I’ve picked up and k to the top, an used a kitchener graft to attach it at the other end. That was fun, I did it 4 times before I got it right!

Still, I will know how for the other handle better, and then all I have to do is line it and sew it together!

Lauren – needs a DND sign!

Don’t get me wrong, once this is finished, she is going to be stunning… but like any lady, Lauren needs your undivided attention!

You knit her in sets of 3 rows, and as each row is over 100 stitches, it take about 40-50 minutes for me to do a set. It is a rather convaluted process:

“C096”, then “p2,*yo p4tog* P2”, then “K2, *k1 (k1,p1,k1)into the yo* (to put the stitches back that you just toge’d) k2”, followed by “CO4, then k to end” to set it all in place.

Repeat that until you have 128, then BO 4 instead of CO 4 until you are back to 96st and BO.

So, you see this is going to take me quite a while! I also really need to concentrate on it not to go wrong, if you fluff it, it is a right pain! I took it to NWk2tog last night, they all loved it, but I warned the group that I doubt I’ll be knitting it with them! I probably will at some point though, NWk2tog is my “dedicated kniting time”, and I can’t see me carving 40 minutes out of life anywhere else for this lady!

This shade of Linen Print is sadly now discontinued, but I have no clue why, it is amazing! The picture of this WIP doesn’t do the yarn justice really.


… or "The night I learned to Purl properly…"

One of the reasons why my 2×2 scarf has taken me so long to do is that until about 2 weeks ago, I was unknowingly twisting my purl stitches.

I couldn’t understand why the rib fought me so much. On the WS, I found that I was having to knit into the back of the knit stitches to make it work. The front of the stitch was just not open to me putting the neddle into it at all.

Now, that’s OK, but it does slow your flow down drastically. I would do maybe 6cm or so, and get fed up with it and swap to doing something else. (Normally non-knitting related!)

However, I was searching for information on how to make socks, and came accross

There are some wonderful videos, and Amy has worked hard to make everything really clear and understandable.However, it can be a little slow to download, even on Broadband, so I spent the $20, and bought the CD from the site.

I got the CD about 4 days after i ordered it, on a Friday night. So, as I wasn’t out and about (for a change!) I picked up a ball of black Jaeger Aran, and some 6mm needles, so I could practise along with the Vids I was watching…

Apart from being very impressed with the layout of the CD, and th quality of the videos and narration of her stitches, I hadn’t realised that when I was purling, I was throwing the yarn around the needle clockwise. It just made sence that way, however, as you can no doubt guess, that is what was making my life purling hell. From the videos, I saw that you throw anti-clockwise, whether you are knitting or purling, and once I got that, it made my ribbing so much easier!

I stayed up until 4am, playing with various style of inc and dec, YO, and learned seed stitch with my new found purling confidence.

I made this swatch. Of course, I now wish I had picked up the cream Aran, so you could see all my pretty stitching!